Aimee Gallin, LCSW-R, MA, Clinical Supervisor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner


Aimee Gallin is co-director of MPG, and is a Somatic experiencing practitioner and Gestalt influenced psycho-dynamic psychotherapist, working with individuals, families and groups to assist in meeting therapeutic goals. Aimee works with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and panic— often as a result of both developmental (growing up) and shock (events) trauma—as well as working to help people maintain positive relationships.

Aimee believes that therapy is an opportunity to enable self-awareness, which gives us the ability to change. Therapy opens doors to finding compassion for ourselves as we gain insight into our emotional and everyday life. Aimee believes that therapy is a collaborative process, and that providing a safe, non-judgmental environment is key to the process.

Aimee's background in the arts and training as a yoga teacher have deeply influenced her practice, helping her to be present and creative with clients. Aimee also runs groups, and is excited to be running a group dedicated to bringing balance to the nervous system through somatic experiencing, yoga, relationship exploration and psychodynamic psychotherapy.


  • Adolescents

  • Adults

  • Families

  • Couples