Barbara Rissman, LCSW-R


Barbara Rissman is the founder and Co-Director of Maverick Family Counseling, which has evolved into Maverick Psychotherapy Group. Barbara sees psychotherapy as a catalyst to tap into the human capacity for resilience.

For over 30 years she has been helping individuals, couples and families access their strengths and resources in order to effectively deal with the challenges and difficulties that they are facing. These might come in the form of a life crisis or a long term problem that has not been resolved. In Barbara’s extensive experience she has helped clients overcome behavior or thought patterns that interfere with achieving their goals. She has provided stress management and anxiety reduction tools to help people cope with feelings that are overwhelming or out of control, such as those resulting from trauma, disappointment, grief or loss. Working in collaboration with medical practitioners, Barbara has great appreciation for the connection  between mind and body. This perspective has been helpful to those struggling with illness or chronic pain.

Barbara is a highly effective couples therapist, working with relationship difficulties, including sexual problems. She helps clients to improve communication with the important people in their lives and to gain new perspectives which can lead to growth, change, healing and greater satisfaction in life.

Barbara received her Bachelor in Science degree from Boston University and Master in Social Work degree from Rutgers University. She is a founding member of the Hudson Valley Guild of Mental Health Professionals. She has training in Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral, and Somatic Experiencing therapy.


  • Adults

  • Couples