Elizabeth Koelmel, LMSW


Elizabeth specializes in work with adolescents, adults and families and has extensive experience and love for work with transitional times such as adolescence, college, young adulthood, parenting, and end of life. She also works with those struggling with trauma, grief, anxiety and depression. 

As a NYS educator with her Master's Degree in Teaching she has been a teacher and counselor to children, teenagers, teachers and parents in a local school setting for 20 years and has recently completed her Master’s in Social Work to concentrate further on clinical work.  From a strengths perspective, Elizabeth utilizes relational and mindfulness based approaches and focuses on each person’s capacity for resilience and change. In addition, to deepen her work with the process of healing trauma and enhancing resilience, she is currently studying Somatic Experiencing.


  • Adolescents

  • Adults